I did not mean to offend or to distract.  I meant no dishonor.

But when I posted “This means war” on 9/11, I can see how some may have taken it the wrong way.

The post was about our ongoing fight with the deer.  It had been sitting in my head for a while, and when I needed a post on a busy Saturday, that one was available.  I never thought about how it might seem, appearing on that day.

I knew what day it was.  The networks had been in a big buzz over the (non) burning of a Koran, and my brother had a post on his 9/11 memories (I commented the next day).  I just didn’t make the connection between the day that should always be remembered, and how my post title might appear.

Mea culpa.

As a bit of expiation of that sin of fuzzy-headedness, allow me to provide some links and thoughts that are applicable.

First, and most interesting, author Mike Flynn has some background on why the attackers may have chosen to do their dirty deeds on September 11.  They have long memories, and may have chosen that date in response to an event over three hundred years earlier.  A serious enemy.

Next, my conspiracy antennae are tingling again.  The Obamas attended church.  There is nothing wrong with this – in fact, it’s a good thing.  I had decided that the president was not a Muslim, based on his eating during daylight during Ramadan.  He says he is a Christian, and I am not the judge of whether he is or not.  I can observe, though, that there does not seem to be much evidence of a life lived for Christ, and surprising evidence otherwise.  The Obamas have not picked out a church to attend (been busy with the recovery, don’t ya know), meaning that the president is operating without a spiritual mentor.  And on top of that, I was reminded that Muslims can lie to infidels (us Christians) as a matter of course, without it being counted against them spiritually.  In fact, it can be counted as a good thing (see here and here for background).  In discussing Anwar Sadat, the second link says

He understood that the history and teachings of Islam would exempt him from spiritual accountability if he used lies as a foundation for a strategic military maneuver.

I am not making accusations about the president, but it does seem that he is doing a great job of tearing down the Constitution and the financial underpinnings of this country, better than the 19 guys that took over four airplanes.  He may be sincere.  That doesn’t make him right.

I close with a link to Mark Knoller’s piece on how Obama has used the phrase and concept of his ideas being held hostage.  The first part of the story gives a litany of places where the president has used the phrase, so often and across so many categories one might suspect it was part of the president’s world view.  The second part of the story seems to me like an editor has come in and badly attempted to make this usage seem status quo.  To me, the first part of the story was journalism, and the second part was whitewash.  As if the reporter took some steps outside of the liberal playbook and then was swatted back inside the mainstream media tent.

I messed up on 9/11.  Now I’m calling them as I see them.