Google Maps has gathered new satellite shots in our area.  I’m wondering just when they did it.

This is a shot of our driveway.  The white part is the concrete apron that we needed to join the driveway to the road, and the bridge over the creek.  The dark blob on the driveway near the road (not the shadows from the trees, but the slightly oblong thing) is our trash can.  That means that the picture was taken on a Friday, because trash is picked up Friday mornings.

From elsewhere on our property (not shown here), I can see something we picked up the day we went to the Amish auction.  So it’s after the middle of July.

I can also see a pool of water on the south side of the bridge (the picture is pretty well oriented north-south).  That means it was early in the drought.

My car was not located in the parking lot I use when I ride the bus.  So I was either working at home, or on vacation for that Friday.  Based on my own records, there could have been only two days in July and August that I was not at work on a Friday:  7/30 or 8/27.  Based on the water still being there, and the greenness of the trees and grass, I’m going to pick the earlier date.

Google Maps for this area was updated from photography taken around noon on Friday, 7/30/2010.  Gotcha, Google!