Boy bands.

The world can’t seem to get enough of them.  They arrive on the scene, they are the greatest band since The Beatles, they fade away.

And right there is the intersection with boy bands, specifically ‘N SYNC, and computer tools. (stay with me now . . .)

As people become more mobile, one of the difficult things to do is keeping bookmarks and logins/passwords coordinated (in synchronization, or synced up) across computers.  I had recommended Google Browser Sync early in 2008, but then that was dropped and I moved to Foxmarks in June of 2008.  And even though they changed their name to XMarks, I kept on recommending them.  They’re big – they’re popular – 25 million download fans can’t be wrong!

But no more.  XMarks is going out of business.  They will keep on working for around three months, but then stop and wipe their servers.  And since Google’s Chrome already includes a browser sync function, and Mozilla’s Firefox will soon, don’t expect these guys to swoop in and bestow a bunch of cash on the company.  There’s no angle for them.


So what cool tool am I going to recommend for a replacement?  Don’t have one.  This time there’s no magic bullet.

I do have some work-arounds: as mentioned above, Chrome and Firefox have (or will soon have) bookmark sync built right into the browser.  And for Internet Explorer users, apparently you can use Windows Live for the same purpose.  But there isn’t a cross-browser replacement.  Sorry.

Sometimes the newspapers have to report bad news.  This is one of those times.