It was time to clean our test tube.

It’s not a test tube.  It’s the glass containment vessel that surrounds the UltraViolet light in our water system and kills all the bad bugs.  And it wasn’t happy.

When it gets under 50%, the system beeps at us. We can turn it off for 12 hours at a time, but the silly thing keeps turning on again, as if it knows better than we do what we should be doing with our time. Ah, well. We know the routine – we have done it once or twice before. Take out the light, take out the tube – carefully – and clean the tube. It needed it.

The sediment is caused by the UV light ionizing the water and the ionized glop sticking to the tube. To clean it, we use Lime-Away. Serious stuff, so I use gloves. Calling Doctor Aubrey!

Here’s a close-up of what had to come off:

Lime-Away, a Tupperware bowl scraper, and lots of elbow grease. I joked to Bettie that we should have called my friend, Manuel Labor.

The gunk:

It took about an hour, maybe a little more. This was close to the end:

But there was one spot down close to the bottom that was still rough. I could feel that the tube wasn’t smooth there. I fought with that one spot for about ten minutes. Then I looked at it better.

The company name and the model number pressed into the glass. I wasn’t going to get that place smooth without a grinding wheel. So it all went back together, and the system came back up just fine.

Happy days are here again!