A catch-up blog entry on some food fun I’ve had over the past couple months.

This was from a clean-up day.  Biscuits, chicken, and bacon from the freezer, finished off a package of dried mashed potatoes, and made the gravy.  Tasted better than it sounds.  And it lasted two days.

Do-it-yourself spiders.  We had gotten some peanut butter fudge from fudge-making friends of ours.  I thought of butterscotch spiders.  I had the bag of noodles left over from.  It worked.

BLTs. I think they are my favorite food of summer.  We’ve had it multiple times, though not with ‘maters from our garden.  Some are coming, but are still green and growing.

Chilled M&Ms from Pigeon Forge. Don’t.  The Ms are thin-shelled (probably to avoid lawsuits from people cutting their mouths on the sharp shell shards.  Shocking!), but what is left isn’t an M&M.  Reminiscent of a super-sized M&M Mini.  Doesn’t work.  Take it from a professional M&M eater.

Herb Society picnic the Monday after Bettie’s birthday.  The other guy and I are guests, but we happily ate the fried chicken, deviled eggs, chips and dip, and various other food items.  Including chocolate cake at the end.

And even though it’s fall, the eating adventures aren’t over.  Stay tuned!