We’ve had some chilly nights – once dipping down into the thirties already.  Our garden is blooming late, so we took protective action.  Or, as Sir Mick once said, “Gimme Shelter!”.

Black plastic in back, and white ground cover in front.

(no I haven’t killed the tomato tree yet)

We have the infamous ghost tomatoes

The coverings are held on with clamps on PVC pipe in the ground

or right to the tomato cages

It’s a nifty tunnel inside

And here’s a plant that we didn’t have the material to cover:

The black plastic tubing was another idea that helped some, but the span was too big and the pipe too flimsy. Ah, well, that’s science. Try stuff and wait for an Aha! moment.

Today’s Aha! moment comes from the fact that it’s 80 degrees outside, and we don’t want baked tomatoes, so we’re removing the covers (for a while).