There’s a story of a fairly inebriated gentleman who was found on a sidewalk one night, on his hands and knees.  The policeman asks him what he’s doing.  “Looking for my fifty dollar bill”.  “Did you lose it here?”  “Naw, it was about two blocks over, but it’s brighter over here”.

In case you are looking for something else, or are looking in the wrong places, allow me to mention some updates of past cool tools.  Software is a funny thing – it’s not something you can hold in your hand, and yet it can get stale (or at least out of date).  Thanks to my brother for the idea this week.

First up is Irfanview.  In the ten months since I mentioned it, the program has gone from version 4.25 to 4.27, with a bunch of updates.

Qdir has gone from version 4.05 to 4.41.  Thirtysix updates in less than eight months.  I’m appreciative, but I also wonder if the author is a bit, shall we say, focused?

Notepad++ is updated.  Their “old versions” page doesn’t go back far enough to know what level they were on when I wrote about it.  This program nicely looks for updates when you start it, so he tends to stay updated.

MPC-HC went all the way from at the end of March, to 1.4.2499.0 now, with hundreds of new features, changes, and bugs fixed.

FontViewOK has jumped a major version, from 1,3,1 in August to 2.01 now.  And DesktopOK floated up from 2.03 to 2.17 in the same timeframe.

And I would be sorely remiss if I didn’t mention that you really ought to get updates from Microsoft.  Today’s monthly batch was the biggest in a while.  There’s a lot of bugs covered, and a lot of bad guys trying to get in to your PC.  And when the Internet Storm Center recommends PATCH NOW!, I tend to listen.

Stay cool, and stay up-to-date.