Yesterday I went to a presentation at work, about the company’s Political Action Committee.  Interesting presentation, and free pizza.

The girl who gave the talk had some slides showing how the PAC is bipartisan, that they give money to both Republicans and Democrats.

One slide was a pie chart, showing that 40% of the money went to the D column, 49% to the Rs, and the remainder to other PACs and organizations.  Fine.

She went to some lengths to explain the disparity between the D and R allocation.  “In this part of the state, where the company is located, most of the elected politicians are Republicans.”  Again, this is accurate, and a good explanation.  But then she went further.

“I’d say that nine out of ten of them are Republicans.  Well, no, but maybe ninety percent.”

I didn’t hear jaws hitting the floor.  I was surprised.  And it took effort on my part not to brand her forehead with the scarlet I for innumeracy.