I don’t understand “free”.  I like it, sure, but I don’t always know how it works.

Google does free searches.  But they are pushing their own agenda – advertising.  Food and beverage companies give out free samples, in the hope that you will want to buy their product, so they can make money.

And then there’s Page CXVI, whom I have mentioned before.  They are now streaming their first two albums for free, in hopes of potentially selling more albums, sure, but also in hope of reaching more people for God.  And it’s hard to fault that reasoning.

The biggest freebie, though, is the gift of salvation.  We are sinners, condemned to hell by our choices.  And yet God gives us grace, inviting us to be His sons and daughters.  And this is offered to us, free.

Of course it’s not free.  A mighty price had to be paid.  But not by us.

Grace is an acronym: God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.  Jesus Christ paid the price for the greatest free offer that you will ever read about.  Unfortunately, it’s a limited-time offer.  You can only accept it while you are alive.

Don’t be late!  And remember: one offer per person.