Anything you can do, I can do better.

I can do anything better than you!

This week’s cool tool is Inkscape, a drawing program, and the lyrics from Annie Get Your Gun don’t apply to the authors.  In their FAQ they talk about their influences, what they have borrowed from other programs, and some ways they are not up to speed with everything.  Refreshingly different than the over-the-top perfection foisted on us by some spokespeople (I will leave specific examples from politics for a different day).

Anyway, where paint programs deal with individual dots or pixels, drawing programs can produce scalable vectors.  That means that you can blow up a picture as big as you want and you still won’t get jaggies.

Here’s a freehand (no tracing) picture of a Ferrari:

(Cool picture from Gilles Pinard.  From the Gallery here.)

I have installed this and played around with it, enough to know that it’s a serious tool and I am not yet serious about using the tool.  But if you need/want something like this, it rocks.