I live in the second district of Ohio

and we’re voting on our US Representative this coming Tuesday.  I’m voting for the Republican, Jean Schmidt.  I’m voting Republican (and not just because the district has been in Republican hands for 122 of the last 131 years), I’m voting for Mrs. Schmidt, and I’m voting against the other guy.

I’m voting R because I want to load the boards with people opposed to Mr. Obama’s principles and procedures.  I voted against him in 2008, and I’m voting against him again.  I don’t like what he’s doing to the country, and I want to support the people opposing him.

Jean Schmidt is one of the people opposing Obama’s heavy-handed ways.  She is also strongly pro-life, receiving a 100% rating from both National Right To Life and the Family Research Council.  She is of a certain age, and she talks well.

Finally, I don’t like the other guy.  Surya Yalamanchili is a younger guy who talks like a speedreader.  He says he’s against partisan politics, and then uses name-calling in a debate.  He gets his facts wrong (the election is on Nov 2, not Nov 3, and no, the US does not spend more on defense than the rest of the world combined, by about a quarter of a trillion dollars), he doesn’t answer direct questions, and he thinks he can overcome all this silly Republican vs. Democrat thing all by himself.  Ain’t gonna happen, guy.

So for one of the races on Tuesday, that’s how I’m voting, and why.