I live in Clermont County, Ohio.  One of the positions that gets voted on is county commissioner.

Usually it’s a no-brainer.  Look for the R, check the box.  Not sure if that’s how the whole county votes, but last presidential election we went for McCain/Palin by a 2:1 margin.

This time it’s different.  The Republican machine turned out incumbent Scott Croswell in favor of Archie Wilson.  But it’s not so simple.

Croswell, the sitting commissioner, quit the party after having nasty rumors spread about him.  He’s running as an independent.

Wilson, the newcomer, appears to be dumb.  I’m not sure if he spread the rumors back in January, but now he is accused of smearing the family of a little girl who died when she was accidentally left in a car.  This is not just some trumped-up lawsuit – there are multiple public officials who have filed affidavits as part of the suit.

The suit also included affidavits from three Clermont County officials – Clerk of Common Pleas Court Barb Wiedenbein and Union Township Trustees Bob McGee and Matthew Beamer – who claimed they were shocked to hear Wilson say during an Aug. 2 campaign appearance that Cecilia was dead before being placed in the car.

For the record, the Republicans have affirmed their choice of Wilson.  For me, that’s not good enough.  Wilson smells.

I’m voting for Scott Croswell.