In athletic competitions, it is considered to be unsportsmanlike to run up the score.  If one team is markedly better than the other team, it just doesn’t feel right or just to pile insult on top of defeat.

There are “skunk” rules, where if the score becomes lopsided, the game can be called.  For table tennis (ping pong, for us low-rent people), there are multiple skunk instances where a game can be declared over.  These aren’t the official rules, but are included on the official site (giving them, I guess some sort of semi-official aura).

The idea behind it is good sportsmanship, or mercy.  Beating up on somebody smaller or less able than you are isn’t considered fair.

But then there are other times, when it is necessary to keep on going.  Biblically, the Israelites were commanded to do just that when they were going into the Promised Land.  God said that He was going to give the Israelites victory (from Deut 7:2):

and when the LORD your God has delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally.  Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy.

What was that?  No mercy.  Yowsah – this from the loving God?  Yep, that’s right – this from the pure God, who wanted His people to be pure.

And that’s what tomorrow, election day 2010, is about: restoring honor, restoring values, restoring purity, returning to true conservative values.  When you can’t see a distinct difference between the two parties in how they spend, then it’s time to rise up and vote the bums out.  65% of Americans are in favor of turning out ALL of the Congresscritters, up 8 percentage points from a year ago.  William F Buckley once said that he’s rather be governed by the first four hundred names in the Boston phone book than by the faculty at Harvard University.  We are seeing similar sentiments with the advent of the Tea Party recently.  The folks who are really doing it aren’t professional, but they know what they want – smaller government, less taxation, and generally a return to conservative values.

So if the voting goes real well (from my perspective) and we win big, and the headlines come true

Grim Dems await huge House losses

Republicans Appear Poised to Win Big on Tuesday

then all I have to say is this: You bought the ticket, you Democrats, you followers of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, and now you have to pay for it.  Do not argue for bipartisanship when you have shown none in two years.  Do not think that you can cram false stimulus and bad health care bills down our throats and then cover it all up by playing nice and bipartisan for a week or two.  Remember “Let’s pass this bill so we can see what’s in it“?  Let me take you a little farther back.  She said it in a different context, but Nancy Reagan had it right in 1982: Just say “no!”.

Run up the score?  Ha!  I don’t even want the other team to be able to get up to bat.  Once we have the bat, ball, and ownership of the field, we’ll show them how to play fair, and how to do the right thing.  And hopefully restore some honor and decency to the country, some sanity to the messed-up legal system, and remove some of the burden on our taxpayers while leveling the playing field among all citizens.

Go, team!