In Alaska, Tea Party candidate Joe Miller is fighting for a win for the US Senate seat.  He shouldn’t.

Lisa Murkowski is the sitting senator.  She lost the Republican primary – you have to work at that.  But she kept on swinging, trying for a write-in campaign.

Yeah, right.  As if that’s gonna work.

But apparently it has.  Alaska has voted for the write-in candidate, by about 41% to Miller’s 34%.  Aaaaah, but are all the votes for Murkowski?

Close enough.  It’s looking like Murkowski has about 98% of the write-ins, giving her a clear victory.

Instead of being gracious and conceding the election, though, Miller’s people are fighting every possible write-in ballot.  They are alleging that a write-in for Muckowski is not a vote for Murkowski.  Well, yes, Joe, it is.  Give it up and do the right thing.

Lisa Murkowski won the election.  Get over it.