Oh, man.

I had this blog post finished Sunday night, except for the final sentence.  That’s when the browser crashed on me, wiping out over 700 words and an hour and a half of time.  Frustrating.

Here’s the framework: I need to get a new car sometime, so I’ll start working on it now.  Needs 4WD/AWD, plus some other things.  We stopped in at a Toyota dealership Saturday, where the guy handed me brochures for vehicles that head upwards of $60K.  Thanks, but no thanks.  We finally made it down to the Venza, which might work but is not sporty enough at first look.

Things that got lost in the crash were the 7 requirements (the perfect number, even if I would have to double up on some to get it to turn out right), the photos from last year’s snowfall (10 inches of snow, 5-inch ground clearance on my car, Bettie’s van sliding off the driveway), and links to the dealership and expensive cars.  Things I retained were that my car has over 210K miles on it, enough to go around the world 8.5 times or so, and that my car is legally old enough to drive itself.

I ended up the post saying I’d keep looking, at least until I found the Porsche Panamera 4S, a 4-door AWD model that hits 175 MPH and still gets 24 MPG.  All for only $162K nicely tricked out.

And there’s a nifty engine sound on the Porsche page, which I would like to put up here but would probably violate copyright.  I found that in my temporary internet files while looking for any leftovers from the lost blog entry.  No luck on the blog entry remnants.