I like local.  Local honey is better, health-wise.  Local shopping keeps money in the area.  Locally-grown produce means you get fresher food.

And taking local trips means that you don’t have to fly.

I’m not flying anymore, not until the TSA changes the rules.  Right now you have a choice: get a body scan that reveals more than should be shown publicly, or get a pat-down that would be considered sexual assault if it wasn’t a government program, or don’t fly.  I’m taking Door C.

I would be more inclined to put up with this madness if there was a valid reason for it.  But what is going on in the airports these days is not security, it’s theater.  It’s making the motions of providing security while doing something else entirely: making us into subjects instead of citizens.  Making us follow orders instead of thinking for ourselves.

You do realize what the next step is, don’t you?  A terrorist will ingest explosives (or have them implanted internally) and we will all have to undergo cavity searches.  And how well do you think that will that go over with the general population?

I’m drawing the line here.  No more flying.  I might take a bus, or drive.  Might take a train.  Might take pilot’s training and rent me a Piper Cub.  But I’m not going to be humiliated or abused.

I think the wins by the Tea Party have opened people’s eyes to the fact that they do have free will, that they can choose to do something other than what the government says is best.

I may have to go back on my choice if there is a far-away emergency, or if work sends me to a far-distant place.  But I’m not planning on either of those.

Am I getting all Libertarian all of a sudden?  No.  I might be getting crankier as I get older, but I’m not the side that’s changing the rules.  The TSA is being reactive.  And (if I may be so bold) a little unimaginative.  I want to say things like “dumb” or “stupid”, but I’m being kind.  Here are some questions: Who is have the terrorists been?  The terrorists have been Muslim males.  Who has had time and money wasted by this security theater?  Everybody who has flown.  Is this right?  No, it is not.

Are we going to do something about it?  Yes, we are.

Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, will be a very bad day to be in an airport.  People are organizing to opt out of the revealing scan and choose the intimate pat-down.  Not because they want the personal touch (as it were), but because the pat-down is labor-intensive and time-intensive.  They are essentially saboteurs throwing wooden shoes into the gears of the transportation machinery – and more power to them!  Yes, there will be delays and missed flights.  Good – this is the power of the people.  There will be lots of frustration and anger.  Good – aim it at the TSA, whose rules started this.

Or, if you want to cause real havoc, you could get a tattoo of a bomb.  Not just a regular bomb, but an atom bomb.  And not a picture of the device, but the two words: atom bomb.  This will get you yanked from a flight.  Don’t believe me?  Read all about it.

Read it and weep.

(Picture pulled from the LA Times story, provided by the perpetrator himself)