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A local church has a saying on their drive-by board:

Let the Holy Spirit be your GPS

They mean well, this anonymous church.  They are talking about guidance, and knowledge, and avoiding problems.  Getting you back on track.  All applicable to the Holy Spirit, but not applicable to a GPS.

A GPS, you see, is not directed by God.  A GPS is directed, manipulated, by human fingers.  That’s not a position I want God to be in.  It should be reversed – He is the potter, I am the clay.

Another immediate problem I see is that the GPS requires external power, either internal battery or a car connection.  God (whether God the Father, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit) is self-sufficient, needing no external power.  God provides the power.  God doesn’t run flat after a few hours disconnected from power, although we might.

Finally, a GPS tells you when you’re going to arrive.  With God, we know where we are going to end up, but not when, nor by which path.  That’s the whole faith and trust thing.

So this church, one I haven’t been inside or even in their parking lot, needs to do a little more thinking before putting slogans up.  I like the “God answers knee-mail” one, but not the GPS one.  Sorry, anonymous church.