Have I been doing these things for a year?  My, how time flies.  I’m a little amazed that I haven’t repeated myself.

If you go look at the page of Cool Tool Tuesday posts you will find some themes – free, simple, things that get rid of annoyances.  The tools are all tools, not frivolous play-things.  Nothing against those, but these are items that you will want to have with you when the going gets rough.

This week’s entry remains firmly in the tool camp, but does overlap with some earlier entries.  From the early choice of AVG to last week’s hosts file, computer security is important.  And sometimes what works for one person may not be a good fit for another.  That’s part of the reason I’m offering Microsoft Security Essentials for your consideration.  It can work along-side the hosts file stuff, but don’t run two anti-virus programs at the same time.

Another reason I’m offering this is because it works, and works well.  In the past I have been fairly strongly anti-Microsoft.  I still distrust them a bit, but working with Windows 7 for almost a year, and Security Essentials that whole time, has softened my outlook (Outlook – he made a funny!).

So to install Security Essentials, you first have to take off the old anti-virus software.  After that’s off, download and install Security Essentials.  No browsing, no email checking, no game playing.  Old one out, new one in, nothing in-between.

One of the nicer things about Security Essentials is that it will do a Quick Scan for you.  This is a fast check of the hot spots on your computer, places where a bad guy is most likely to hang out.  Doing a Quick Scan takes only a few minutes, and can be done at any time for any reason.  I try to do a Full Scan (every file on the PC) once a week.  And yes, I make sure the virus definitions are updated first.  Yesterday’s definitions are okay, but today’s are so much fresher.

Light-weight, non-intrusive, and easy to use.  Aside from the manufacturer, what’s not to like?