I like baobab trees.  The tree of the baobab looks strange, mostly.

When they don’t look real strange, I don’t like them, even though they are still baobabs.

Too normal.  I could grow my own – buy them in an auction – but I don’t have the money for them, and it gets too cold here in Cincinnati for them.  It would be nice to see the flowers close-up

but I would have to plant it a ways from the house – the baobab tree gets big

so I will admire them in pictures, and dream of seeing them in person.  The trees come in small

and tall

some medium

and some majestic

Sometimes there are a bunch of them all together

that makes you want to sit back and look at them

No matter how I see them

they take me away to another place.

Baobabs.  Nice trees, even if they are upside down.

(pix from Rita Willaert, lithopman, idua_japan, Francesco Muratori, Rob Danton, plizzba, Rita Willaert (again), Effervescing Elephant, mfavez, Alex ’77, Rita Willaert (she’s good!), and copepodo)