We had a technology disruption just before Thanksgiving.  A TV channel that Bettie watches moved from our old technology (analog – cable-ready) to a technology we didn’t have (digital, with a cable box).  We spent 4 or 5 hours on the phone getting the service we wanted, which included downgrading our internet service from Time Warner’s Business Class to Residential Class.  I knew I’d be giving up a static IP address, which I never used, but what was the speed going to be like?  This was nominally a bit of a downgrade, from 9mbps to 7mbps, but how did the numbers turn out?

Glad you asked.  These are all presented as before, then after.

First test was a simple one from Time Warner.  One number – the upload speed.

So a bump up.  I like that.  Time Warner has another test, with more details.

Big speed increase, slightly better ping time, lousy upload speed.  But is Time Warner giving me straight numbers, or are they shading them some?

The download speed seems to match the first simple test, so maybe that’s right on.  The upload speed is consistently bad no matter which test I use.

So it looks like I gained about 20% on downloads, improved 10% on ping times, and lost almost two thirds of my upload speed.

Overall, I probably came out a little bit ahead, on what was supposed to be a downgrade.  Not bad.

But I think I won’t start hosting massive files on my PC.  That tiny little upload pipe fills up quickly.