I never met Benson Baker, and now I never will.

Benson was a two-year-old boy from Marietta, OH, who died Wednesday.  He had fallen into a septic tank a couple weeks earlier, and spent the last two weeks of his short life in a Columbus hospital.

A couple things come from this.  My pedantic side takes issue with the last paragraph of the story.

How could a child be non-seriously killed?  The “seriously” applies to both, structurally.  To make it work grammatically it should have been “killed or seriously injured”, or even “seriously injured, or killed”.  Boo on the Marietta Times.

But even more culpable is the parent who left the foot-wide plastic cover to the septic system in a movable state.  Our last house and current house have septic systems.  I never felt threatened by them, but also treated them with respect.

The old house we inherited.  The septic tank would have been hard to fall into

but we made sure of the difficulty

(that’s the square lid, plus three concrete disks that weighed at least fifteen pounds each).

For the new house, we have two places to watch for

The green circles on the left are the septic tank. The black square on the right is the drain or clean-out for the leach field. And all of them screw down.

They were screwed down when we took possession of the place, and they are screwed down now.

In Marietta,

Sheriff Larry Mincks said his office found no indication of foul play, criminal activity or criminal negligence.

I beg to differ.