It’s a snowy day here in Cincinnati.  It started overnight, and the drive to church was yucky.  Not terrible, but not fun.

After church we had some running around to do, which we did.  Got home about 4:15 (earlier we had split a burrito at Chipotle – both of us were feeling hungry).  It had been snowing most of that time, giving us a couple inches on the ground.  I’d made it down the driveway just fine this morning, and didn’t anticipate problems going up.

Turned into the driveway slowly so I wouldn’t slide on any hidden ice, or the snow I could see.  Proceeded across the bridge and started up.  Didn’t finish getting up the driveway.  I stopped when I began to spin the tires – rather, the car stopped, and I quit whipping that horse.

I turned to Bettie and said “You know, I got me some mentum.  But I gotta get me –”

She chimed in and we finished it together.

“Mo’ mentum!”