Tools are funny animals.  Some tools are tiny – millions of this rotaxane could fit in the palm of your hand

and yet it can be used for recording (at a very, very small level).  At the other end of the scale is something like the US Army.  That is a tool of political will, and yet you can’t hold it, or even put it in any city I’m aware of.

Then there are the non-physical tools.  The Internet is a great thing, and growing daily, but you can’t point to it (although you can apparently reach the end of it).  That is very similar to today’s cool tool.

An organization by the name of SANS is security-focused.  They put out newsletters useful to technicians, civilians (this is you), and people interested in security.  They do a  good job of it, too.  These are well-written and 99.99% error-free.

SANS also hosts the Internet Storm Center.  This is a blog that tracks rising trends, whether they are viruses, or security crimes, or breaking news.  They also do very good reviews of the monthly patches that Microsoft puts out (these days are affectionately called “Black Tuesdays”).  Today is a big patch day from MS, and ISC has their review of everything, from a client perspective (that’s you) and from a server perspective.

There is one level above the red Critical, and that is Patch Now.  Microsoft has their own categorizations, but when the ISC says “Patch Now”, you let the hamburger get cold in the skillet because you’re busy updating your PC.

And since today is a Black Tuesday, I will point you to the Windows Update site.  Go there.  Get your updates (nothing above Critical).  And follow the Internet Storm Center on an as-needed basis.  Trustworthy, good, and interesting.  Can’t beat that!