This is the last in a series of pictures from northeastern Ohio.  Earlier I had talked about the organic side of the cars, and of the decay evident.  Today I’ll show the interesting designs.

Cars today don’t have classic designs.  Some of them are ugly.  Cars of yesteryear have smoother lines

More rounded than we see today, although they can still be muscular

Even when they look like the designer started with slabs of clay and didn’t do much else, they look good.

The closer car is newer, and looks like it’s trying to sprout tailfins. It’s at an awkward stage of development, neither in the older bean-shaped world nor the Cadillac spear era.

I really liked this hood and the chrome ornament in the center.

I like how the rounded windows are echoed in the steering wheel and the speedometer.

It contrasts sharply with this radiator core, which seems harsh and mechanical.

Ovals everywhere you look

On this glovebox ornament, the sunburst makes the circle look like an oval – the best of both worlds.

They just don’t make them like this anymore.