I think I must be walking around with some sign on me.  “Bad stuff happens here”.  Is there such a thing as a bad magnet?  Not a malfunctioning one, but a magnet that attracts badness.

I griped about my arm a couple days ago.  I’m sticking with the doctor’s orders, pretty much.  Taking the Aleve, not icing it down like I should, but definitely keeping the elbow splint on.  Those instructions were “take it off to shower”.  I shower at night, and wash my hair again in the morning.  Both of those I do with an unencumbered arm.  As I was working today, I noticed that my hand was swelling.  The splint was too tight and fluid was building up.  Then I noticed my fingers were cold on that hand – bad news indeed.  I loosened the splint, and it’s improved in the last fifteen minutes – swelling down and fingers about the same temp as my other hand.  Lesson learned.

I’m not sure what lesson to learn from my other badness.  I have a Palm Tungsten E that’s about five years old.  Works Worked well until last Sunday.  I could pull up scriptures just fine during church, but trying to power it on after lunch gave me nothing – complete zilch.  It wasn’t the battery – that was fine.  Somehow it had completely reset itself to an out-of-the-box condition.  My calendars, notes, addresses, everything was gone.  I was so happy to have my information backed up – BackupMan is the best $15 I ever spent.  I was right in my very first Cool Tool Tuesday – backups are important.  I had backed up Saturday night, so wasn’t missing a thing.

The other important thing is to be sure your backups are good.  I had not done a test to be certain that the backups worked.  There are problems with my launcher software – I can live without that.  What hurts worse is that I can’t change the screen brightness – PowerBright doesn’t work.  So whenever I’m seeing what meetings are coming up, or playing Pyramid, or reading the Bible, I’m burning through the battery.  I don’t like that, and it’s awful bright at night.  I want something more conducive to quietness and sleep, something that doesn’t imprint itself physically on my eyeballs.

So the plan is to re-crash the Palm down to the metal (after another backup).  Then I’ll start reloading all the applications I want from scratch, not from the backup.  Next is data from backup – all those contacts, and calendars, etc.  Finally I’ll drop in the databases from the backup, the stuff that remembers the Bible notes I have made, and my high scores in Pyramid.

This is not fun, nor quick.  But I need to do it.   I had considered walking away from five years of Palm goodness and switching to an iPod Touch (an iPhone with no phone).  Plenty of applications, and wifi connectivity.  But at $229 for the low end?  I think not.  I’ll put in the hours on the Palm.