We had our Thanksgiving dinner today.  Yes, it is Christmas Eve, but we had turkey and dressing.  And cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes (with skins!), and butternut squash right from our own Meijer store, and glazed carrots, and beans and onions, and gravy, and biscuits, and butter.  A very full spread.

It was actually lunch.  And because Bettie and I both have a precise sense of exactly what time everything needs to happen, we ended up rushing through the meal before heading out to church for the Christmas Eve service.  Not the way we had intended to eat it.

After we got back, we had our dinner.  We loaded up our plates, stuck them in the oven, and enjoyed our supper together (with added apple butter!).  Bettie’s brother dropped off some goodies, and we gave him some of the dressing made the way their mom used to make it.  He went away smiling.

Then we opened some presents.  They said they were from Santa, but I recognize my parent’s handwriting.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for helping turn this house into a home.  You helped us move into our Finneytown house, including setting up our Christmas tree, and now you’re doing it again.  If this were a football game, you’d be penalized for running up the score.  It’s not a game, and you’re not keeping track of the score.  You are showing God’s love, and parental love, and both are appreciated more than Bettie and I express.  Thank you again, and always.