This time, more of a recommendation than a how-to.  If you need this, you probably know how to set it up.

I had described the technical difficulties that Bettie and I had with an old PC here.  The teardown to basics is done, and I have added today’s cool tool, UltraVNC.  And it works great!  The old PC is running headless – the only things attaching to it are an Ethernet cable and a power cord.  No monitor, no mouse, no keyboard.  We turn it on when we want it, and shut it down afterwards (we’re not gung-ho green, but we do want to conserve resources, including the ones in our wallets).

UltraVNC works great.  We have  a password set up in the front of it, for extra security even though it’s behind our firewall and powered off most of the time.

Bettie loves the file transfer capabilities build in.  If you need to control a box you want to stuff in a closet somewhere, this is the one to use.  It’s a winner!