Just when you think the world has gotten as crazy as it can be, up pops something else that pushes back the prior limits of ignorance.

In Sanford, North Carolina – about twenty miles down State Route 1 from Raleigh – a high school senior got suspended for the rest of the school year because she took her dad’s lunch box to school.  Honest mistake – her lunch box looks just like her dad’s.  But her dad packs a paring knife with his apple, and when the school was searching for something else, they found the knife.  And so they suspended her for the rest of the year.

I really hope there’s something more to the story.  I don’t wish badness on the girl, but if the school found evidence that she was planning on stabbing somebody with the knife that she “accidentally” brought to school, then the penalty is appropriate.  And if the school backs down and says “Sorry – we blew it, and the girl can come back to school”, then good.

But if a school kicks a kid out of school for an innocent infringement of a draconian law, then there’s trouble in paradise.  The wackos have gotten too much power, and need to be reminded of who’s in charge.  They work for us, not the other way around.

I’d love to watch this situation and see how it gets resolved, and maybe whether there’s a new school board next year.  Enough is enough.  Yes, we need to keep the kids safe.  But when an accidental paring knife can get a kid booted out of school for six months, or a 4-inch toy gun

can get an 8-year-old suspended for a day, or a 2-inch toy gun

can almost get a kid suspended, then something is wrong.  I understand zero tolerance.  Don’t necessarily agree with it, but I understand it.  But if zero tolerance also means zero common sense, then it’s wrong.