I’m turning a new leaf.  After 1294 days, I’m ready to put this post up, which will be number 1307.  It has been over three and a half years since I started this, and I have maintained my daily posting.  It’s an accomplishment I’m proud of, and one I’m tired of.

Today is my last daily posting.  I’ll do posts as often as I feel like it.  I’m already thinking about one for tomorrow.  I anticipate keeping up the Cool Tool Tuesday series, though probably not every Tuesday.

Overall, I think there will be lower quantity and higher quality.  And I’ll get some of my life back.  Free time is a wonderful thing.  Last night I made a useful channel list for our new cable TV service.  Double-sided, one alpha and one numeric.  I neglected to put on things like shopping channels, MTV, and the Soap Opera Network.  I worked to get the information usable and complete.  It was fun, and it took over an hour.  But it got something off my plate that’s been scratching at me since Thanksgiving.  Next up is working on my Palm Pilot, tearing it down to the metal and rebuilding it.  I’m going to start working on that right now.

A happy Steve is a productive Steve.  It would surprise me to see another 365 blog entries in the next year, but it’s not impossible.

A very Happy New Year!

(pic from Camera Slayer)