As I was getting off the bus this week, a SORTA worker standing just outside the door handed a slip to every departing rider.

Attention METRO riders

Safety is a core value at Metro and that includes the on-board safety of our customers and operators.

For safety and security reasons, Metro requires customers to remove ski masks and hoods that cover the face while on the bus.  Failure to comply may result in denial of service.

This policy does not apply to religious/ethnic customs or small children.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

I think I’m going to start the Church of the Holy Ski Mask.  For a relatively small fee, I’ll issue a card saying that the bearer believes that wearing a ski mask at his/her own personal worship times is a necessary part of their belief system.

Of course, if they come back and rob me after robbing the bus riders, they are automatically defrocked.

Come on, Metro.  If you’re scared about people robbing riders, why do you care what religion they are?  By providing this exception, you are putting the public’s safety subservient to other people’s religious freedom.  Don’t take a stand for safety and then advertise the hole in the wall.  If you’re going to do that, simply ask people not to wear masks and hoods, and let the people decide.  Then suspect everyone who doesn’t comply.

Otherwise, you don’t have a security policy, you have a security facade.  May as well outsource it to the TSA.