I’m working on a web project for our church (details soon), and needed to measure some graphics on the screen.

I just wanted the pixel distance of the box.  Nothing too complicated.  I tried Meazure, but could not figure it out.  My life is too short to spend time fighting to learn how to use a low-level tool, even one that looks like it has lots of good features.  Then I installed MB-Ruler, which was better, but not very intuitive and seemed like overkill.  I don’t need to measure diagonals and angles, just up/down and across.

Which is exactly what Pixel Ruler was made for.

Pixel Ruler has no installer.  You don’t need one – this just runs, needs no other supporting files, and gives you your results visually.  Want to see how wide a picture is?  Line up the zero point on the translucent yellow ruler with the left edge of the pic, and then cursor over to the right edge.  The pixel count inside the ruler shows you the width.

You may not be able to see it real well, but there’s a magenta line marking where the cursor is.  Helpful for aligning the edge.  And the pixel count is under the 50-pixel marker, in this case 349.  And a quick look at the page source shows that 349 is indeed accurate.

<img height=”269″ hspace=”4″ width=”349″ align=”middle” border=”4″ alt=”” src=”http://www.connectionscc.org/uploads/images/Sermon%20Series%201-2010%20Ideas.jpg” /></td>

So, Steve, if you could get the width another way, why use Pixel Ruler?  Well, this image was a test.  The thing I had to measure was a compilation of stuff, not a single image.  I thought it was a thousand pixels wide, but the banner I adapted to be a thousand pixels was too wide.  How much too wide?  That’s where Pixed Ruler came in real handy.

If you want to measure height instead of width, click on the hash mark button close to the zero marker, and the ruler goes vertical.

The thing just works, which is pretty much what you want out of a ruler.  I have minor nits to pick: the right-click menu box lists Settings twice.

Also the home page for Pixel Ruler talks about awards other software (Cubic Ruler and Clipboard Helper) has gotten, as if this were a copy-and-paste without cleanup.

If that’s the worst I can find about it, it’s doing pretty well for itself.  Recommended.