It’s interesting that on Superbowl Sunday, a day that is celebrated as much for parties and eating as much as it is for football, that my church launches a push to help feed starving children.

Kids Against Hunger is a program that uses volunteer labor and purchased ingredients to package up dry meals.  The food will be reconstituted with water, and contains the necessary ingredients to ward off malnutrition.  No government grants for this one – the charity and their helpers buy the rice, soy, and all the other stuff themselves.

And they are ramping up to do a million meal marathon at the end of February.  In four days, they are trying to pack a million meals, using three thousand volunteers.  I will be there a lot of that time, and my church will be there Saturday night.

If there’s a million meals coming out, there has to be the components of a million meals going in.  Our church is raising $18,000 to buy a semi truck-load of rice for this effort, and paying the processing fee for every donation that comes through that page.  If you give a hundred bucks, Kids Against Hunger gets a hundred bucks.  If you give a thousand, Connections will pay the $22.30 processing fee and KAH will get the full thou.

I have helped out at Kids Against Hunger at least four times before, doing everything from making boxes to packing food to taking pictures to fixing printers.  I’ll be helping out again at the end of the month.  You can help out now.  Please consider giving to Kids Against Hunger.  The donation is tax-deductible.  The help is priceless.

Connections and Kids Against Hunger