Back to a sad post.

My boss got fired this week.  It wasn’t for cause – she hadn’t done anything wrong.  In fact, she had done everything right.

She didn’t work herself out of a job.  There are still mountains to climb, obstacles to overcome.  But somebody in a corner office in a state far away decided he would rather have not my company, but some other company, do their work.  In effect, my company lost their job with the customer.  As it rippled down, my boss and dozens of others lost their jobs.

That’s a terrible thing to happen to the best Boss ever.

I have worked with Gail for six years, from January of 2005 until today.  She brought me onto her team on somebody else’s recommendation, without interviewing me.  Gail picks the best people (I’m proud to be among them) and then trusts them.  She treats them like adults, like professionals.  That can be rare in the corporate environment.

She loves her people.  The loss of a job is big, especially in this economy, but the breaking up of a family is heart-rending.  The rest of my team, including Gail, is in Florida.  I attend staff meetings by telephone.  Alone in my cube on Tuesday, I wept when I heard the news.

There have been some great times.  I don’t remember the occasion, but somebody said that Gail looked cute in a hat.  When I made up this set

it was a big hit, and got passed around the office, including up the management chain, with smiles.  I had the opportunity to travel down to Florida for some training, and Bettie and I were at Gail’s house twice.  Once for dinner, straight from the airport, and once for a party she threw (combination 40th for somebody else, plus a “Steve’s here” party).  At the first one, we brought her a housewarming present.

She doesn’t take herself too seriously.  When a neighbor was teasing her about a name, she fired back.  If he was going to call her Pam-U-Lassie, she would be Pam-U-Lassie.

These are highlights, but they don’t show the full picture of Gail – a Christian, with strong love for her family (blood, in-laws, and work family).  The highlights don’t show the courage she shows when fighting for what’s right.  They don’t show the laughter, the silliness, the commitment to doing the right thing, the backbone that could be ramrod straight or soften for a hug.

So what now?  Now, life continues.  I still have a job with the company.  The people there are not evil – Gail’s boss cried when she had to tell her the news.  I’m staying busy on a new project.  Gail will get a severance package from the company, and God is watching out for her.  She does not want to return to the IT industry, and after 20+ years of this, I don’t blame her.

So we’ll gradually drift apart and – KABLOOIE we will!!  We talk on the phone now about personal things, God things, trials and blessings.  We share emails.  We are friends, born from a corporate environment but not limited to that.  Bettie and I have a standing invitation to jump on I-75 South and stay at Gail’s place, and we’ll take advantage of that.

Even though Bruiser really, really likes me.

So goodbye, Boss, and welcome back to the real world.  It’s a new beginning, and God has great plans for you.