Diogenes spent his life looking for an honest man.  He should have met my father.

In October, when my parents were here, we went to the local book fair at the library.  My mom was looking through the books, I was doing both volunteer work and shopping, and my dad started talking to people.  The people who were standing around, instead of rooting through books, were the other volunteers.  Since my dad volunteers at his library, there was a lot to talk about.

I’m not sure if he offered to help, or if they asked him, but pretty soon he ended up behind the tables, ready to assist anyone who wanted help.  And after that, the other volunteers went and did volunteer things, leaving my dad flying solo.  With a big container of money from donations for the books.

The money didn’t tempt him in the least.

And besides, there were books.

Way to go, Dad! (on both the honesty and the book aspects)