How much is a life worth?

About a hundred and fifty bucks.

No, I’m not starting up a side business to remove annoying people for a fee.  I’m actually trying to save lives.  With this:

Here’s how.

Last week a woman died because she didn’t have a house key.  She apparently had a habit of locking herself out, and would break into her own house by shimmying through a basement window.  Repairs had blocked off her usual entry way, and the alternate window was smaller.  She couldn’t fit through, and died of compressive asphyxiation.  Her husband found her when he got home for the day, stuck partway into her own house.

Bettie and I won’t get locked out of our house.  We have an electronic lock similar to the one above.  We don’t even carry a house key with us – the combination is in our heads.  A lock like this could have saved her life.

Like John Donne, any man’s death diminishes me.  This is one that didn’t have to happen.