This is about my right to bare arms.

Oh, I meant the NRA flavor – bearing arms.  Little ones.

I have a fundamental disagreement with the animals around here.  They think they have the right to eat food outdoors that I helped plant, that I want to eat.  Sure, it’s tasty.  Nice and tender.  Tomatoes, squash, maybe corn.  But it’s people food, not animal food.

So for our massive 70×70 main garden, we have fence posts, about 6 1/2 feet high, with six strands of electrical tape.  Our secondary garden will get the same, and when the raised beds go in, we’re planning on some deer netting.  But those are all defensive measures.  I want to do something on the offense side.

Crossman makes a line of BB and pellet guns.  I picked up a Crossman C11 with a muzzle velocity of “up to 480 feet per second”.  It’s a CO2 gun, not a pump model.  And I got the biodegradable pellets instead of polluting the land with brass or lead.  I had a chance to use it last week.

We had a family of raccoons easing their way across the back of the property.  I had my eye protection ready.  Slam a CO2 cartridge in, load up on bio-pellets, and it’s war!

If I had a real opponent, I would have been slaughtered.  I had not practiced with the gun, so this was my very first time shooting with it.  And it’s not a gunpowder device: there’s only so far that compressed air can send a piece of hardened corn solids (or whatever they make it from).  I don’t think I got within 5 feet of hitting a coon, even with multiple targets.  After they were gone, I finally did manage to hit a metal table we have, during post-event target practice.  Deer make a larger target, but also scare easier.  But I gotta do something.

So I’m asserting my Second Amendment right to bear arms, even if I can’t do anything I try to do with them.

Although maybe if I got a laser sight . . .