Sometimes in life I wish for a button like the Staples “That was easy!”.  Everything would be so much – easier.

But no – I had to go spend money on something else.

Got me a smart phone.  Actually, Bettie and I both have them.  I got a bonus at work that allowed us to get the hardware, and I also got a raise that helped with the data plan.  And we snuck in under the wire with Verizon, in order to get unlimited data before they removed that option in early July.

And I was wrong in calling this thing a smart phone.  It is really a computer that has the ability to make and receive phone calls.  And I’m going to be featuring some of the best software I have tried, similar to my Windows Cool Tool Tuesday series.

But first, to finish up about the phone: It is running the stock Android 2.2 that it came with (plus Verizon-supplied updates).  I have an interest in rooting the phone, mostly in order to block ads, but it’s not possible after those updates.  The phone is roughly the same size as the Palm Tungsten E it replaces, though heavier (denser).  Bigger screen, less battery life.  I have to recharge daily – my old phone and old Palm used to go for several days before requiring a top-off.

We bought insurance for the phones, just in case we dropped them.  In a month and a half, we haven’t dropped them, so I think the insurance will be dropped soon.

One thing that helps us sleep at night (or not worry during the day) is the protective case we got for it.  Sold only at Best Buy, the Seidio HTC31SB is a serious case for a serious phone.  It adds bulk, but both Bettie and I are happy to have it.  We also have screen protectors on the front to prevent the glass from being scratched.

The phone is fast,very personalizable, and eats batteries.  There are some things you can do about the last one, but that’s for another column.

Picture from catharticflux