These are a few of my favorite things.

No, it’s not time for a Halloween post, and those aren’t really some of my top experiences.  They are potential byproducts of the serious antibiotic I am taking – but they are staying away from me.

In the on-going struggle against the perforation in my large intestine, the surgeon did not like what he saw in the third CAT scan.  So he prescribed a course of Avelox for me.  I hope it works, because if not, the doc wants to talk to Bettie and I about surgery.  Me no prefer surgery.  Me actually prefer no surgery.

I have had no symptoms the whole month of October.  The pain went away once I started taking antibiotics (Cipro, everybody’s anti-anthrax favorite) in late September, and I have been real good about not eating nuts (and only some corn in a can of vegetable soup, which I chewed up very well).  And yet this surgeon wants me to heal.  Silly man.

The Avelox is apparently potent stuff.  The price is potent – I could eat nicely every day for what one of these tabs cost.  And the warning sheet does tend to go on about serious-sounding side effects.

Feeling dizzy, seizures, hallucinations, feeling restless, tremors, feeling anxious or nervous, confusion, depression, trouble sleeping, paranoia, suicidal thoughts or acts, and nightmares.  The only thing I may brush up against is feeling restless, but I don’t have a good baseline for comparison.

So I get a new CAT scan on Thursday, and go see the doc on Friday.  If he doesn’t have great news, and wants to do surgery, then it’s time for a second opinion.  And maybe a third and a fourth.

Gall bladder surgery to remove acute pain is one thing (and I’m glad I had it).  Surgery to remove part of my large intestine, because of a perforation that is not hurting me?  We’ll see.