Gas prices rose fifty cents a gallon last night. That is pretty shocking. What floors me is that of the local media (the paper, plus four TV stations, plus the two big AM stations), there is only a single story on this. Is the price jump a conspiracy? Suspicious, yes, for the timing right before Christmas travel, for the amount of the jump (up 17% in a day? My salary could use some of that attention!), and for the uniformity of the jump. We have a corner with three gas stations. Last night, they were all at $2.88 for regular. Tonight, they are at $3.39. Surprising how that works.

And yes, I filled up last night, not trusting the low prices to last. I even got 30 cents off using my Kroger card, so the difference between what I paid last night and what they are charging now is 80 cents. That’s sticker shock.