I just got back from the hospital, for having my reconnect surgery.  All is going well.  I sent out update notes to a few people during my hospital stay, and will be posting those, day-for-day.  Below is Wednesday’s note.


Folks, this is going out blind copy. Email me back if you want daily updates. Otherwise the next note will be that I have left the hospital, probably Sunday or Monday.

Surgery was yesterday, Tuesday the 17th. I was in recovery about two and a half hours, waiting while they got somebody out of the hospital and cleaned the room. It is a private room, so I didn’t mind too much.

My minister, Jeff Hill, was my first visitor in the room. Bettie had gone to find some food, and returned a bit later. I had a nasal gastric tube to drain my stomach, an oxygen tube, and a catheter so I didn’t have to get up to go to the bathroom. Surprisingly, the oxygen was the worst. I didn’t need the air supply, but some doctor had ordered it. And the monitor kept beeping loudly whenever the tube slipped out of my nose – about every 15 minutes, all night long. I almost did a dance when they took out all three tubes this morning. Almost. Instead, I took a victory nap.

I am up, sitting in a chair, wearing the traditional native costume while I am here on vacation. I have no refreshing beverage by my side – they aren’t letting me drink anything yet, much less eat. But I can catch up on my sleep…

And I want to offer thanks to God for His love and mercy and grace through all this. I don’t know His reasons for this detour from my life’s plans, though I have learned much patience and humility, and learned (once again) that I am not invincible. And those are good things.

I look forward to a full recovery, and would prefer sooner rather than later – and it’s all in God’s hands. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

And lunch just arrived – wasn’t expecting this! Beef broth, apple juice, decaf iced tea, plus orange and strawberry jellos. Almost as good as the Chinese buffet I had Monday.