Folks, I am recapping my hospital stay email updates, delayed.  The first one is here.


Surgery was Tuesday, about an 8-hour stretch from pre-op to finally in the room. Wednesday was the day I got out of bed and earned a yellow star for my bathroom activities. Today, Thursday, I earned a brown star. That’s right, after a two month break, Charmin sales will be increasing. This is the gateway to eating real food, getting the drip removed from my arm, and eventually going home.

I slept well last night, though not too long. Up at 5 and reading a library book when an associated surgeon stops by. He told me that I could shower, which I gladly did. Didn’t touch the wound, but did pat it dry. Clean feels good!

I started on my walking laps early, and am up to 7 so far today.

Then I had an old familiar feeling, and did my business. And called the nurse to come see my accomplishment. She was happy for me, and logged it in the system so the doctors can see it. She wasn’t as excited the second time, and told me to go ahead and flush in the future, unless it was something unusual or noteworthy. I thought, but didn’t say, that after nine weeks, *everything* is noteworthy.

And I asked and got permission to use underwear, and the nurse even said that I could wear pants as long as nothing binds the wound. Bettie is bringing me real clothes to wear.

I keep being real happy at how well I am doing, what great strides I am making. Then I remember God, who is the provider of every good and perfect gift, and who is the Great Physician, and I realize that I am just walking along a path that He has created for me.

Part of that path should include real food now – a couple doctors just came in to talk to me, and they plan to change my diet if the boss agrees.

I hope the boss agrees.

Next note and hopefully a food report on Friday.