I am reposting status emails from my recent hospital stay.  Earlier ones are here and here.

Much better sleep last night. I slept very well, sleeping through the manic beeping of an unhappy drip machine, and dozing through blood pressure checks. A new doc saw me at 5AM, said I would be eating real food today and probably going home today, too. But that wasn’t what my mature surgeon had told me the day before, and it wasn’t what he said when he saw me after 8. I want to be off the drip machine, and I really want to be wrapping myself around some real food. I am quite happy, though, to take things slower and only do them once.

I did get to have full liquids for Thursday supper. That means that instead of beef broth (which I am convinced that they make with distilled water, brown food coloring, and two grams of meat per 500 gallon batch), I got to have tomato basil soup, which is very good. They actually use salt. And they brought a second bowl , which I also ate. And they brought me coffee and jello and milk, which I declined. I talked to the nurse, who set things up so I could order my own food. Except that breakfast showed up automatically, with bad cream of wheat (white sugar helped some, but not much). Talk to a different nurse and get the food thing straightened out. Except when I call to order lunch, they tell me it’s on order. And includes tomato basil soup. But I talk to the cafeteria directly, and it’s all sorted out. Good, since my surgeon just allowed me low residue food.

Except that I just now had tilapia delivered for supper, when I was planning on pizza.

And if this is all I have to complain about, I am blessed indeed. Which I am.

My surgeon also said I would be getting out Saturday morning, when the original estimate was Sunday or Monday.

So hopefully Saturday’s note will be the last one.

Praising God for all His blessings, including tilapia,