The last of my update emails from the hospital.  Earlier posts are here, here, here, and here.


Folks, I couldn’t have written a script for this week with movie
writers.  Surgery went well, and I had much more energy afterwards
than I did for my November surgery. I was up out of bed and walking
the day after surgery, making it up to 25 laps around the nurses’
station by Friday.  I was able to pass the surgeon’s test of “eat and
excrete” today, Saturday, so they released me to go home.  The earlier
estimate was for Sunday or Monday, so I’m ahead of schedule.

Which was almost a bad thing.  In Cincinnati, we had an ice storm
Friday night into Saturday.  The roads are clear, but the county
trucks didn’t take care of our driveway very well.  The car is stuck
part-way up.  Can’t go up the driveway – no traction (there’s about a
quarter inch of ice on everything).  Can’t back the car down – it is
sliding too much.  So coming home from the hospital, I had to carry a
bag of groceries while walking through the weeds on the side of the
driveway. I’m still very happy to be home, and grateful to my
beautiful chauffeuse Bettie, who kept me safe.

This driveway thing puts a potential crimp in the plans to go to
church tomorrow.  I still think I’ll have the energy, but it has
turned into a logistics problem.  The temp is getting to fifty
tomorrow, which will melt all the ice, but it will still be below
freezing when we have to leave for church.

So we may try to back the car down in the morning, or we may choose to
worship at home.  Either way, there will be many thanks for God’s
goodness, in this as in everything else.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


PS from real-time Steve: we didn’t try to move the car in the morning.  Later in the afternoon, Bettie was able to drive the rest of the way up with no problems.