In this household, I wear the pants.  Bettie knows it, too, and is glad.

It’s not about Biblical headship.  It’s about me actually wearing jeans instead of sweatpants.  Since my initial surgery on November 8, I wore sweatpants everywhere – to church, to the store, to help at Kids Against Hunger.  One time, in late December, I wore a pair of jeans to do some work outside.  It wasn’t comfortable, and I was very nervous about the bag disconnecting.

Friday afternoon, though, I put on jeans and enjoyed it.  Today I wore jeans to the Kids Against Hunger food pack, and it worked.  By the end of the day, I was getting just a little irritation on the vertical scar from my first operation, probably because I had my belt cinched one notch tighter than I used to wear it.

My plan is one more week working at home, and then going in to work several days a week.

And wearing pants, proudly.