Today I had the opportunity to give the communion meditation at church.  Here is what I said (or close to it).

Jesus was the most intentional person who ever lived.

Everything He did was on purpose.

Everything He said had meaning.

Let’s look at two of the things He said.

The first is His encounter with the woman caught in adultery.  He finished their short discussion with “Go and sin no more”.  There was no why, no list of benefits of not sinning – He just gave her a command.  Plain, straightforward.

Then at the Last Supper, He said “Do this in remembrance of Me”.  He didn’t just say “Do this”, or else we might have to go to an upper room to take communion, and maybe recline on our sides after eating a meal.  But that’s not what He said.  He said “Do this in remembrance of Me.”

We are supposed to remember Jesus.  What does that mean?

A few years ago, I was suffering from depression.  I had been diagnosed with clinical depression, and I needed treatment.  It’s OK – I’m better now.  The psychologist who was helping me said he knew I was getting better because I was starting to internalize the therapist.  I started carrying him around inside me.

And that’s what Jeff has been preaching about these past few weeks in talking about The Jesus Experiment.  What would Jesus feel? What would He think, say, and do?

That is what Jesus is asking us to do when He says “Do this in remembrance of Me”.  He wants us to be like Him.