The way that some news stories are written, you would think that the journalist’s notebook had fallen into a blender.  Thankfully, that only happens with on-line journalists, not with print journalists.

But if a print journalist publishes on-line, the distinction becomes blurry.  As does the writing.

I read this opening sentence and said “Oh, no . . .”.  There was sadness in my voice.

A former coach for a Milford youth baseball team March 12 was found guilty of stealing $12,500 of team money.

(from this story)

It is stuck somewhere between a stream of consciousness (I almost expected to see “March 12 – get tires rotated”) and a literal transcription from the notebook.

John Seney, you should have read this one out loud.  Theresa Herron, a small amount of shame on you.  As editor, you should have caught this.

Now go and err no more (or not too often).