Today was the first day at my new job.

Same office building, same desk and chair, same phone number, but today my division was taken over by a US subsidiary of a large Japanese conglomerate.  No changes yet, although those will be along.  Right now, they are reassuring people, giving some insight to our new corporate overlords (whom I welcome), and ensuring stability for our customers.  Pretty much what I’d do.  And not hard – I work with a bunch of high-class professionals.

As opposed to some spam I got recently.

This was caught and marked as spam at work, correctly.  But there are three things that really tip me off.  First, a business running off a free email account.  It’s really easy to get a domain name and pretty easy to set yourself up so all mail going there is forwarded to your personal email account.  But no . . .

The second thing is the location. is based in England.  I, the last time I checked, am not, nor do I have any dealings with the jolly bunch over there.  In short, this wasn’t sent to me.

Third, there ain’t no way I’m going to follow a link (that I blurred out, for everybody’s protection) that goes to places unknown.  No more would I do that than I’d take a pill from a random person walking down the street.

All this, of course, on top of the advice that you should initiate transactions yourself.  Getting email from a company you have a relationship with (PayPal, perhaps, or your bank) can be safe, especially if they include your name or other identifying information.  Even if it is from your bank, if it starts off “Dear sir or madam”, run away.  If there’s a Nigerian Prince who is willing to split a fortune with you, run away.

And if there’s somebody offering to do backround (shouldn’t there be a “G” in there, Mr. AR5180?) checks, blog about it and then run away.