I don’t want to admire brilliant bank robbers.  Regardless of how smart and clever they are, they are still doing wrong, and should not be put up on a pedestal.

It’s a very fine line.  Is it acceptable to appreciate the effort that went into a nifty crack without giving approval to the act itself?

On the other hand, it is not difficult at all to mock people who don’t put in that effort.  These are the spammers who count on picking up those customers who ignore all the warning signs and indicators that something is wrong, that .0000001 percent of the billions of pieces of junk email they send out.

Like the one I got today:

There are several problems with this particular piece of spam.  There are three fighting to be the most obvious.  First, the company name is spelled with an X, not “cks” as in the email.  Second, the DVD rental company NetFlix does not live at the country club.  Why, I bet they even have their very own domain name by now!  And thirdly, the addressee (me) is not named Shelley.  Put all these together, and I didn’t even have to bother going for the fourth and last-place clue: the domain name for the country club is incorrect.  See the safe Google search https://www.google.com/search?q=alaqua+country+club .

Spammers.  They give the rest of us somebody to look down on.