I have always been interested in cool ways of displaying data.  Bubble charts are a nice way of showing both location and size.  This chart from the New York Times shows positive and negative values in proportion to the whole, and does it nicely.

I was thinking of creating my own bubble chart, showing the locations I have worked in (probably focused on zip code), and showing the duration of time as the size of a bubble centered on that location.

I might have to get creative – I worked for one company three different times.  Perhaps stacked bubbles of different colors?

I have worked at my present company for just shy of sixteen and two-thirds years.  If the bubble scale mapped a year to a mile, this would go out pretty far from downtown Cincinnati (zip code 45202, even though the company changed names, moved buildings, and was recently taken over).  From downtown, the upper edge of the 16.65 mile bubble would reach almost to Mason, OH, where the ATP Tennis tournament is going on through Sunday.

That’s interesting to me – not the tennis, but the bubble reaching almost that far.  The reason it’s interesting is that starting Monday, my job bubble will be growing from zip code 45040, not from downtown’s 45202.  I begin a new job on Monday morning.

I was not looking for a new position – I was contacted, and had to create a resume (and managed to leave my home address off).  The interview went well, a follow-up technical test went well, and I accepted their offer.  I will be doing system administration, something near and dear to my heart.

It’s a new start, and a bright day.  I’m looking to have a nice, big bubble at this zip code.  A happy bubble.