I like staying on top of the news, something I proudly inherited from my father (of course, it took growing out of my teenage years before I realized that was what I liked).  I follow local news, national, international, space, and technology.  That last is where I found this little beauty.

I like reading Computerworld’s Shark Tank weekdays, and then I check out their news.  Sometimes it’s just a regurgitated press release, sometimes it’s something I don’t care about, sometimes it’s applicable to my job.  The headlines, as intended, give me a good idea of whether the story will be useful to me.

And sometimes the headlines are the story.  Check out this pair of headlines from Thursday:


I don’t think that they intentionally placed a technology transfer story next to a trade secret theft story – but you never know.  Somebody at Computerworld might have been smiling as they arranged the timing of these two.